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Boiler and Air Conditioner
Condensate Removal Pumps
Regulations on condensate boilers and increasing use of air conditioning have dramatically increased the need for condensate removal pumps.
Beware of inferior newcomers into the market, jumping on the bandwagon!  Do yourself and your customers a favour and fit the best and easiest system.
  • Market leader in Europe for boiler condensate removal.   
  • A quality, reliable and well designed product born out of over 30 years of condensate pump development and manufacturing.
  • Each pump operates automatically and incorporates a High Level Alarm switch which may be integrated into the boiler controls and comes with 6 metres of tubing.
  • Large holding capacity
  • High capacity flow rate
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Most reliable of all condensate pumps
  • Self-contained, fully automatic pumping system
  • Reliable, centrifugal pump design
  • Gravity fed
  • High-flow capacity rate
  • Low-to-medium discharge head (lift)

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